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High sequin shorts

The jumpsuit

Lace top

I found lots more lace tops and bodies from

Harem trowsers

Double denim

Digital print

Today i have been looking at a few trends that are “in” at the moment, I collected my images from , and


Today I have been browsing amongst different blogs, there is some really interesting ones that are really inspiring.

There are so many fashion blogs out there I am going to try to make mine a bit quirky,I hope to upload some photographs onto my blog over the next couple of days:)

 Fashion blog…

After a lot of thought I have decided to base my blog around fashion and photography, fashion has always been something that has interested me greatly, from ever since I can remember my mother has bombarded me with strange-looking items of clothing, shoes and bags that she has bought, from Chanel and Chloe to Charity shops and eBay but sure enough everyone has been walking around in them about month later. Reading magazines to find out what the “new fashion” is going to be is exciting and fresh. Watching out for what Kate Moss was going to wear next or what was going to be her latest designs for Topshop was always the talking point amongst my set of friends. Who could pull off the latest trend and who was daring enough to try them was our main concern.

I am going to set out to find the newest fashions in comparison to what fashion used to be a few years ago and look at how it has changed us and how fashion has evolved.

40 year old Alexander Mcqueen is best known for his high energy fashion shows, and his extreem designs…

The sad news of Alexanders Mcqueen’s death on the 15/2/10 affected peope all over the world. Alexander died the day before his mothers funeral.

This is my first post in my mac 114 course blog.

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